sihirli kum


Bring the greatness of playing with sea sand into your home, with eye-catching colors!

Take it, knead it, form shapes, distort again. It will not stick to your hands or other surfaces! Therefore it is extremely clean. Suitable for 3 years old and above.

Sihirli Kum consists of 98% Sea sand, 2% polymer and 100% fun.

Product No: 1
Prod. Name : Magic Sand Display
Prod. Code : CESE-6000
Pcs in Box : 6 

Product No: 2

Prod. Name : Magic Sand Set
Prod. Code : CESE-6003
Pcs in Box : 10 

Product No: 3

Prod. Name : Magic Sand Set 2 pcs
Prod. Code : CESE-6001
Pcs in Box : 10